Speakers (A-Z)

Adam Baker

Head of Discovery, Microbiome and Human Health at Chr. Hansen Holding A/S

Adam Baker Lead the Human Health and Microbiome Research and Development team who are responsible for the research of current and next-generation probiotics, the development of technical in vitro and in vivo platforms for biomarker identification, and building a strong portfolio of scientific data to support our commercial probiotic business.

Alexandre Passioukov

Vice President Translational Medicine at Pierre Fabre

Alexandre Passioukov leads translational medicine efforts across oncology, CNS and dermatology therapeutic areas at Pierre-Fabre R&D. Previously, Dr. Passioukov was leading translational medicine programs at Roche (Switzerland) with a special focus on immune-oncology drugs. Prior to joining Roche, Alexandre served as Head of Translational Research at EORTC in Brussels, conducting structural translational medicine activities of European clinical research networks.

Christian Roghi

Chief Business Officer at EnteroBiotix

Christian Roghi is the Chief Business Officer at EnteroBiotix, a Scottish biopharmaceutical company that is harnessing the human microbiome to develop novel medicinal products that restore health and prevent disease.

David Berry

General Partner at Flagship Pioneering

David has been broadly recognized as a world-leading innovator: elected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, named as Innovator of the Year by MIT Technology Review from amongst its annual TR35 list, and selected as one of 12 Innovators Reshaping Reality by the U.S. State Department, alongside pioneers such as Tim Berners-Lee.

Domingo Barber

Director Institute for Applied Molecular Medicine at Universidad San Pablo Madrid

Domingo Barber licentiate in Chemistry and specialised in biochemistry by the UCM and doctor in biochemistry by UPM. From 1987-2013, has been working as Quality Director, and R&D Development of ALK-Abello Group, a leading company in the allergy field.

Denise Kelly

Investment Advisor at Seventure Partners

Professor Denise Kelly joined Seventure Partners, a European Leader in Venture Capital, in 2015 as an Investment Advisor to the Life Sciences Team and is focused specifically, on Human Microbiome investment opportunities, globally.

Éile Butler

Scientific officer at BioGaia

Eile is employed as Scientific officer as part of Business Development for the world renowned probiotic company, BioGaia in Lund, Sweden since 2016. Éiles primary focus is investigating different probiotic strains and their potential uses in skin health applications both in preclinical and clinical research. This is performed both in coordinating preclinical and clinical research in BioGaia while seeking out collaborations and partnerships worldwide both through industry and academia.

Elinor McCartney

President for Pen & Tec Consulting

Dr Elinor McCartney has over 30 years’ experience in product development and EU regulatory affairs for multiple categories, including food and feed additives, novel foods and nutrition and health claims. Elinor is a graduate of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, where she also obtained a PhD in enteric diseases of piglets. She has an MBA (with distinction) and has tutored Finance and Marketing for the Open University Business School.

Eva Maier

Postdoctoral Scientist at AgResearch, New Zealand

Eva Maier is currently working as a Postdoctoral Scientist at AgResearch in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Her research focuses on deciphering the mechanisms of the gut-brain axis, particularly the links between gut barrier dysfunction and neuroinflammation. Prior to her postdoctoral research, Eva completed her PhD in Nutritional Science at Massey University based at AgResearch.

Fabio Piccini

Co-founder and Director at Progetto Microbioma Italiano

Fabio Piccini is a medical doctor and a clinical microbiome specialist with a PhD in Food, Nutrition and Health, further complemented by a wide-ranging portfolio of qualifications, professional memberships, preclinical and clinical research and published work. This is underpinned by twenty-nine years of counselling and consulting experience and teaching assignments at both under and postgraduate level.

Filip Scheperjans

Neurologist / CEO at Helsinki University Hospital and NeuroInnovation Ltd.

Filip Scheperjans, MD, PhD, studied medicine at the University of Düsseldorf (Germany) and gained international experience as a visiting student in London, New York and Helsinki. Now living in Finland he works as attending neurologist and clinical researcher at the Department of Neurology at Helsinki University Hospital.

Georges Rawadi

CEO at LNC Therapeutics

Formerly researcher at Institut Pasteur, Georges Rawadi was Vice President of Business Development & Intellectual Property and a member of the management team at Celyad. Previously, he successfully held various business development positions at Cellectis, Galapagos, ProStrakan and Sanofi-Aventis and led strategic alliance development consulting assignments.

Huiying Li

Associate Professor at University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Huiying Li is an Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology at University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Li’s research focuses on the role of the skin microbiome in health and disease, including two most common skin diseases, acne vulgaris and atopic dermatitis.

Jane A. Foster

Associate Professor at McMaster University

Dr. Jane Foster is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON and a Scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, ON. Dr. Foster is an active researcher in two large translational networks – the Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders Network (POND) and the Canadian Biomarkers in Depression (CAN-BIND).

Javier Ochoa-Repáraz

Assistant Professor at Eastern Washington University

Javier Ochoa-Repáraz research is focused on host-microbial gut interactions and the mechanisms of immunomodulation associated with protection against CNS inflammatory demyelination, with a particular focus on the impact of gut microbes regulating diseases.

Jennifer K. Spinler

Instructor at Texas Children’s Microbiome Center & Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Jennifer K. Spinler is an experienced classical microbiologist with extensive training in bacterial genetics and genomics currently serving as faculty at Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Children’s Microbiome Center.

Jean-Pol Warzée

President at European Scientific League for Probiotics – ESLP

Jean-Pol G. Warzée, Medical Doctor has participated to many research and development projects in human health ( by elderly people, cystic fibrosis, …) and also in animal health in collaboration with Research Centers and Universities. Jean-pol has collaborated to the development of new microbiotics solutions and is author, co-author of many publications.

Lionel Breton

Scientific Director, Advanced Research at L’Oreal

Lionel Breton got a PhD in 1982 in general Endocrinology in the lab of R.Michel and J.Roche at College de France in Paris. Than, he got a State Doctorate in general Pharmacology in Poitiers Hospital/ school of medicine in 1985 After a 1st position in Servier Laboratory as Project leader in neuro-pharmacology, Lionel joined L’Oreal corporate 26 years ago. He is also visiting Professor/affiliate member in the prestigious University McGill in Montreal.

Magnus Sjögren

Associate Professor at University of Gothenburg

Associate Professor and Senior Consultant Psychiatrist Magnus Sjogren received his doctoral training at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and defended his PhD in 1999 (Clinical Psychiatry, University of Gothenburg). He undertook postdoctoral training at the Sahlgrens Academy, Sweden, and became Associate Professor in 2002.

Martha Carlin

Chief Executive Officer at The BioCollective

Martha Carlin is an award-winning systems thinker whose microbiome-research company, The BioCollective, is changing how we understand the link between the environment, our food and water systems, and health/illness, and counts among its customers global pioneers in microbiome health. A sought-after speaker, she is the 2018 NetExplo Major Digital Talent in biotech; the APC Microbiome Hero for World Microbiome Day; the keynote speaker for the 2016 White House Microbiome Initiative, and an advisor for the Microbiota Vault, among others.

Momo Vuyisich

Founder and Chief Science Officer at Viome

Momo Vuyisich is a founder and Chief Science Officer of Viome. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Tech. Besides providing scientific leadership at Viome, Momo focuses on product development, clinical certification, and clinical research.

Pavlovic Guillaume

Head of Unit at PHENOMIN-ICS

Dr Guillaume Pavlovic is the Head of the mouse and rat model creation core & microbiota service at Institut Clinique de la Souris (ICS) – PHENOMIN. He direct the generation and validation of genetically rodent mutants and animal model microbiota research. He leads R&D programmes focusing on the development of new tools for genetic engineering and microbiota analyses, and is an expert in genetics and genome editing including the CRISPR/Cas system.

Per Falholt

Chairman of the Board at Lactobio

Per Falholt has an extensive experience in Life Science and Industrial Biotechnology and in bringing products to the market.

Leadership experience from tunning large global R&D organization and multiple customer collaboarations. Currently also involved in 3 start up companies within the field of gut and skin health

Peter Cartwright

Human Microecology Specialist

Peter Cartwright is the former Head of Research at Protexin (a manufacturer of probiotic supplements in the UK) and, for eight years, he oversaw research on probiotic strains. Screening more than 2,000 strains, Peter selected and acquired more than 100. He has degrees in Microbiology, Biomedicine, and Business Studies, and is the author of four books for the general public on intestinal health.

Pierre Lestage

Chief Executive Officer at NeribiOm

Pierre Lestage, currently work as the Chief Executive Officer at NeribiOm, a microbiome drug discovery company looking for original neurosynbiotics as innovative Live Biotherapeutic Products for neurological and psychiatry diseases. He holds a PhD in neuropharmacology from Lyon university. He has more than 35 years of experience in managing research teams, programs and external collaborations in neuropsychopharmacology within pharmaceutical industry.

Qin Xiang Ng

Clinician at National University of Singapore

Dr Qin Xiang Ng is a practicing clinician in a tertiary hospital in Singapore and an active member of the Singapore Medical Association, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (USA), and the Society for Science and the Public (USA). He has broad academic and research interests in the fields of psychiatry, functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, and evidence-based medicine.

Robert Loewe

CEO at GeneSurge GmbH

Robert Loewe is currently the CEO of GeneSurge GmbH, a diagnostic company situated in Munich, Germany focusing on NGS for oncological, immunological and neurological diseases. He has been working in IVD and pharma development since 2000. Before founding GeneSurge in 2019, he was working as a consultant for pharmaceutical projects.

Rochellys Diaz Heijtz

Associate Professor and Group Leader in the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet

Dr. Rochellys Diaz Heijtz is an Associate Professor and Group Leader in the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet. Her research studies have a long-term goal of understanding the biological basis of neurodevelopmental disorders (ASD, ADHD), and how genes and the environment (prenatal and/or early postnatal) together influence typical and atypical brain development and behavior.

Rohan F. Hastie

President & Chief Executive Officer at Metabolon

Dr. Rohan Hastie has served as president and CEO at Metabolon since May 2018. He leads the company’s vision to harness the power of its Precision Metabolomics™ Platform to provide biological insights of disease state and physiological reactions in the present state. As the global leader in metabolomics, Metabolon offers the world’s largest – and continuously growing metabolomics knowledge base.

Satya Prakash

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Cells and Organs at McGill University

Dr. Satya Prakash is a Full Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Cells and Organs, Physiology, Experimental Medicine and Surgury in the Faculty of Medicine, at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dr. Prakash research team has contributed to the advancement and development of several biomedical technologies. Superficially, his research program is focus on understanding the human microbiome, developing probiotic formulations for use in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, aging, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and in developing formulations for targeted delivery of drugs, live cells, and therapeutic molecules and medical devices such as novel stents.

Sergueï O. Fetissov

Professor of physiology at Rouen University and co-founder of TargEDys.

Serguei Fetissov MD, PhD, was graduated from Military Medical Academy in St Petersburg and received his PhD from Institute of Developmental Biology of Russian Academy of Science in Moscow combined with training in Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris. He worked as a researcher and principle investigator for more than 20 years in the field of physiology, neuroscience and nutrition in academic institutions including College de France in Paris, Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, USA and Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Shahram Lavasani

Founder and CEO, ImmuneBiotech Medical

Shahram Lavasani is an international keynote speaker and entrepreneur in the field of the microbiome. He received his PhD in Immunology from Lund University in Sweden while studying the immunoregulation and immunotherapies in multiple sclerosis (MS). With more than two decades of teaching and research expertise on Gut-Brain axis, he has pioneered research in MS by demonstrating gut inflammation and barrier dysfunction and introduced microbiota-based therapies using probiotic bacterial consortia.

Veronika Oudova

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at S-Biomedic

Veronika Oudova is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of S-Biomedic.Veronika completed a master study in International Trade in Prague and a master in International Management within the program CEMS located in Prague, Vienna and Rotterdam. After her studies she has worked as project manager and marketing consultant at Cord Blood Bank Czech Republic. There she also co-founded a spin-off company StemCellPro.

Wouter de Jonge

Professor of Neurogastroenterology at AMC, CoFounder of Gut Research

Professor Wouter de Jonge received his doctoral training at University of Utrecht, and Columbia University, and received his Phd in 2001 (Medicine, University of Amsterdam and Maastricht). He took up postdoctoral positions at the AMC in Amsterdam (prof Guy Boeckxstaens) and Oxford University (prof Siamon Gordon). He chairs the gastro-intestinal research group (www.gut-research.com) at the AMC since 2013 and holds a part time W2 professorship at the Dept of Surgery at the University of Bonn, Germany.