Robert Loewe

CEO at GeneSurge GmbH

Robert Loewe is currently the CEO of GeneSurge GmbH, a diagnostic company situated in Munich, Germany focusing on NGS for oncological, immunological and neurological diseases. He has been working in IVD and pharma development since 2000. Before founding GeneSurge in 2019, he was working as a consultant for pharmaceutical projects. Prior to this, he was working in diagnostic development for companies like R-Biopharm, GeneWake (CEO from 2009 until 2015, acquired by R-Biopharm), Roche Diagnostics, Roche Pharma, Infineon Biosciences and multiple Biotech companies.

His research in developing molecular diagnostic kits for multiple diseases utilizes NGS and qPCR methods with novel bioinformatic approaches. Robert Loewe worked on his PhD thesis in Biology at LMU Munich, Germany in conjunction with Novartis in transplant rejection research from 2006 to 2010.


Case Study: In schizophrenia and stroke – can the gut microbiome modulate neurological disorders

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