Shahram Lavasani

Founder and CEO, ImmuneBiotech Medical

Shahram Lavasani is an international keynote speaker and entrepreneur in the field of the microbiome. He received his PhD in Immunology from Lund University in Sweden while studying the immunoregulation and immunotherapies in multiple sclerosis (MS). With more than two decades of teaching and research expertise on Gut-Brain axis, he has pioneered research in MS by demonstrating gut inflammation and barrier dysfunction and introduced microbiota-based therapies using probiotic bacterial consortia. He is the founder of ImmuneBiotech developing novel microbiome therapeutics. The company has access to a proprietary lactobacilli library and advanced selection technologies to design nutritional formulations for optimal management of the diseases. ImmuneBiotech´s first product GutMagnificTM has been designed to address the underlying causes of IBS and will soon be available in the market.

Shahram Lavasani

Case Study: Targeting the brain-gut-microbiome axis by ImmuneBioticsTM, a new therapeutic avenue for management of multiple sclerosis

  • Microbiota dysbiosis and intestinal barrier dysfunction in MS
  • Brain-gut-microbiome axis; potential therapeutic targets and probiotic treatments
  • Designing multi-targeted therapeutic microbial consortium; translational success for GutMagnificTM in management of IBS
  • ImmuneBioticsTM, new generation of probiotic products designed to boost the immunotherapy treatments

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